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What to Expect in Tech When Classes Start This Fall

All levels of education, from K through 12 to colleges and universities, have changed dramatically as the result of COVID-19 and the rapid transition to online, distance learning, and other...

Network Operations Center

What’s Going on Inside Your Data Center?

New data centers are being built across the globe as a strategic support system now that more and more services are moving to the Cloud. The reliability and security of these...

WFA_Small Huddle

Work from Home, Return to Work, or Work from Anywhere

A New Work Environment for Collaboration

When the pandemic started a year ago, many of us shifted overnight from working in an office to working from home (WFH). Everyone had to adjust, and we...

Remote Work

WFH 101: Collaboration from the New Home Office

Almost overnight, COVID-19 has shifted the day-to-day workforce from traditional office based to working from home (WFH). Research statistics (1) indicate 56% of the workforce jobs could work from...


ZOOM Skyrockets on IPO, Video as a Service (VaaS) Takes Off

Did you hear about Zoom Video Communication’s IPO on April 18, 2019? If you saw the headlines in the financial news, it set new records on many fronts. Attaining a market capitalization over $14...


5 Considerations Before Your Next AV Upgrade

When thinking about deploying or upgrading your videoconferencing, collaboration, or presentation technology, what are the most important factors to consider before you start your search for the...


Exciting News from InfoComm 2018: The Annual AV Collaboration and Presentation Showcase

This year at InfoComm in Las Vegas, Vision’s engineering team was well represented. Joe Harris, Kevin Opeth, and Aaron Schiefer worked the event to learn more about new technologies and how we can...

Crestron Conf Room

Pervasive Collaboration for Teams Fuels Agile Organizations

The pace of innovation and disruption continues to accelerate, impacting organizations and driving operational efficiencies across all departments. Combined with a distributed workforce,...