In-Building Wireless


Q. What Is In-Building Cellular?

A. Sometimes referred to as Cellular Reinforcement or DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), in-building cellular refers to the technology that enables the distribution and rebroadcasting of cellular, PCS, LTE, AWS and other RF frequencies within a building.

Q. How Does In-Building Cellular Work?

A. Vision installs antennas on the roof of your building and aims them at “donor” cell towers. Through a combination of fiber optic cable, coaxial cable and in-building antennas, we amplify and distribute those signals within your space and coordinate with your carrier to install a micro-cell in your facility if needed.

Q. Are These DAS Systems Secure?

A. Yes. A DAS is a frequency-based transportation system. It is not capable of understanding or modifying the voice or data traffic that is created with technology, such as CDMA, EVDO, GSM, HSPA, UMTS which is embedded within the frequency and encoded/decoded by your mobile device. The DAS equipment does not have any cell phone/smart phone-like capabilities.

Q. Do I Need A Separate System For Each Carrier?

A. In-Building Cellular systems vary in capability and complexity. Vision provides a system tailored to your specific need, providing everything from a basic single carrier repeater-type system to complex, host-neutral distributed antenna systems capable of carrying multiple carriers. You will need a separate signal source system (repeater or micro-cell) but only one set of distributed antennas. We offer a variety of systems that support multiple carriers on a single antenna system as well as targeted solutions for individual services. We can help you understand which system is best for your needs and budget.

Q. If This System Can Support Multiple Carriers, Can I Use It For My Wi-Fi (802.11) Networking, Too?

A. Yes! We offer several systems that will support wireless (802.11) networking for voice/data on cellular distributed antenna systems. Each system has specific benefits. We can help you decide which systems may be right for your applications.

Q. Is This Legal?

A. Most definitely! Since we are working with licensed frequency, you will need a rebroadcast or in-building agreement with each carrier participating on the DAS. Based on our experience with in-building cellular system installations, Vision has established solid working relationships with carriers and assists in streamlining the process.



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