Our Culture

Living The Vision Way

Our culture is so important to our success that it is our first core objective. In fact, it is the foundation for our behavior. It defines how we execute our mission and meet our expectations. Our culture is all about the people and the difference they make. We deliver a truly unique customer experience centered around the IP-convergence model.

The concept of ‘Strategy, People and Operations’ is institutionalized throughout the company. Excellence is achieved through meeting expectations that exceed that of our competitors, rewarding people who share our values, and having the energy to do more than everyone else.

A key differentiator for our company is our Execution Culture. Doing what you say when you say is critical for the success of our Customers as well as our company and our employees. Our execution culture integrates the company’s Strategy, Our People and our Operations, to the common goal of achieving total customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

The mission of Vision Technologies and our teammates is to ensure a World Class Customer Experience and World Class Service. Our job is to Support Our Customer before, during and after the project. Our goal is to provide the best technical solutions and services to address our customer’s needs, and to provide a positive working environment that allows our Customer, our Company and our Employees to Succeed.

How We Support Our Mission

  • Vision Technologies strives to provide the best technical solution possible to address the needs of our customer
  • We strive to ensure total customer satisfaction, and provide support before, during, and after the project
  • We believe that a working environment which enables our employees to share in the success of our customers helps to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on every service offered

Living The Vision Culture

Living the Vision Way is embracing the Vision Culture and the core values and behaviors we expect from our teammates and doing so with the conviction and honor. It’s a common belief system we all share, one where we have shared values, like Honesty, Integrality, Respect and Pride. It is also a shared responsibility for being good stewards for our Customers and Company and working to ensure the success of each. Finally, it’s a responsibility of each of us to play our positions to our best of our ability and to invest in ourselves and in our company and to be the best we can be and to grow and benefit from those investments and successes.

Our Culture

Vision’s culture encompasses the efforts and actions that the company, our leaders and our teammates take to create an environment where our people are proud and work together proactively as teams. We are committed to building a company that is second to none, that is based on professional behavior, a common belief system and shared values.

Our culture enabled us to build a best-in-class Technology Integration Company focused on complex IP-centric Solutions for all of our business units, and to provide our Customers and Channel Partners with a unique choice of having one company support all of their Critical Infrastructure and Technology needs.

At Vision Technologies, we recognize our responsibility to ensure we deliver world class customer service and quality on every opportunity to perform. Our job is to support our customers, before, during and after the engagement. Our goal is to build loyalty by providing the best technical solutions and professional services to address our customer’s needs, and to provide a positive working environment, that allows our customer, our company and our employees to succeed.

We Believe...

  • In an execution culture
  • That customers are the lifeblood of the company
  • That we exist to serve our customers, both internal and external
  • In results, not excuses
  • In ownership
  • That the right attitude is the difference between success and failure
  • That communication is key to success