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Asset Management / RTLS

RTLS RunnerReal-Time Location Services (RTLS) that Enable Asset Management

For any company, knowing the location of an asset, or what condition it is in, is the answer to greater efficiency and improved profitability.

Vision’s Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) technology does just that, enabling businesses to automatically identify and track the location of objects, assets or people in real time; usually within a building or other contained area.

In addition, our integrated RTLS solutions allow asset managers to coordinate the activity of their organization to realize maximum value from its assets.

How does RTLS asset management work?

Vision’s RTLS system is designed to use multiple communication standards to enable accurate and immediate location services. Ethernet infrastructure is used to support a range of communication standards from RF (Radio Frequency) to IR (infrared).

In addition, the design of the system allows for tracked assets to check in on a schedulable interval with interface relay controllers installed at secure check points for immediate check in where needed. The system can lock exit points immediately upon approach of an unauthorized person or piece of equipment.

Benefits of RTLS

  • Allows the system to not over-subscribe the infrastructure bandwidth or exhaust batteries
  • Provides immediate information and access as needed
  • The bypass capabilities within the system (local keypad controller at exit points) allow authorized staff members to take tagged (protected) assets through protected doors

Also included is an escort feature such that an asset may be assigned to an authorized staff member thus allowing free egress of the asset if escorted by the assigned owner.

Where are Real Time Locating Systems used?

Examples of real-time locating systems include keeping track of medical equipment in hospitals, managing access to controlled facilities, or locating pallets of merchandise in a warehouse.

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