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Unified Communications and Collaboration

The workplace of the future has no fixed address.

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Vision’s communication and collaboration solutions enable a workforce that can connect, share and collaborate from any location on earth, with anyone, and from anywhere, transforming everything about the way we do business.

Using video-enabled devices to see and share content and to work together can create benefits of collaboration across the entire organization, such as increasing productivity, accelerating decision-making, and reducing travel costs.

The seamless convergence of technologies, people and processes is how your business can integrate collaborative technology to drive innovation, hone your competitive edge, and enhance performance now and into the future.

Vision’s collaboration solutions are as versatile as you are. We have experience in:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Entertainment

Or, call us for a customized solution for your specific space:

  • Personal workspace or on the road
  • Small huddle workspace
  • Collaborative team
  • Conference workspace for a distributed workforce
  • Executive workspace using video collaboration in the boardroom
  • Immersive telepresence workspace