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The technology focus in higher learning has shifted. Institutions are no longer primarily concerned with connectivity. The need for colleges to provide connectivity is a given. 

The new focus is capacity. From the connection through to the backhaul, bandwidth has become king, measured in gigabits, not bars. The question for any institution today is: Are wired and wireless networks supporting the demands of end-users, programs and staff?   

The National Center for Education Statistics projects that college enrollment will grow by 14% through 2022. The competition for new students will be fierce. There is no demographic more tech savvy than college students, and a University’s technology platform will be critical to their efforts to attract new students. Only by aligning themselves with a technology partner will Universities or Colleges stay ahead of the curve? 

Vision has the experience and expertise to adapt to new technologies, as well as update the infrastructure of higher learning institutions to ensure they remain modern for students and faculty alike.

Our approach & benefits

Universities and Colleges depend on Vision because we are constantly learning and adapting. Having the ability to install today’s technology isn’t enough. Higher education institutions need a partner that will be with them on the path to tomorrow’s technology, and they rely on Vision. Our solutions range from consulting, design-builds and comprehensive implementation services. We strive to provide our schools with solutions that enhance the learning process and create an easy to use, but effective, platform, leaving teachers and administrative staff free to focus on teaching. 


Prince George's Community College Center for Health Studies

Vision Technologies helps Prince Georges’ Community College build an array of teaching capabilities

Coppin State University

Coppin State University – Science and Technology Center

Coppin State University Turns to Vision for its New Science and Technology Center

Clark County School District

Clark County School District (CCSD)

Vision Technologies has a long, successful history providing IT solutions for educational institutions with the expertise of our in-house engineers and technicians.

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