Catholic University

The Catholic University of America

Vision is providing a security system for The Catholic University of America’s (CUA) 176 acre campus in Washington, DC. The solution is based on a Genetec Security Center architecture and Hanwha surveillance system. Vision is designing, installing, programming, and servicing the security system for CUA. Vision understands the importance of ensuring the security and safety for the students, faculty and guests on the campus, and those safety considerations were taken into consideration in the planning and implementing of the security system.

After the completion of all three phases, Vision will have provided CUA with 660 cameras, 400 readers, and 275 alarm points, all of which will be part of the Genetec security system.


Vision is testing each installation for operational use. This includes testing of cables, devices, programming, performance, and any required integrations, to ensure 100% performance at the time of acceptance. Cable testing at a minimum should include wire mapping, continuity, and time-domain reflection (TDR).


Vision is providing CUA with as-built documentation via our in-house Documentation Department. Our Foreman and Project Managers send red-line drawings to our documentation department weekly, enabling our documentation specialists to create drawings as the project progresses in real time. This assures accuracy and also reduces the time to produce final as-built drawings upon project completion. 

Managed Services Center (MSC)

Once the project is completed, and accepted by CUA, the warranty on the equipment and systems will be managed by our Managed Services Center (MSC). The MSC is available 24x7 to handle incoming calls for service and repair. All support is tracked via our MSC ticketing system in real time, and we will be able to share the portal with CUA’s personnel so they are able to see the status of all warranty and/or maintenance tickets.