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Distributed Antenna Systems

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Distributed Antenna Systems

The ability for cellphone users to communicate at all times and from all locations inside a building – that’s the promise of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

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Vision Technologies, with a long history of providing in-building wireless solutions, is uniquely qualified to help design, deploy and deliver 24/7 mobile connectivity through the installation of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

Our team of RF experts engineer and deliver passive, single carrier systems as well as sophisticated multi-carrier Neutral Host solutions.

Carrier CoordinationDAS Diagram

Securing wireless carrier permission and coordinating between multiple wireless carriers is a critical component of any successful DAS system.

To facilitate coordination and approval, and maximize the volume of wireless connectivity, Vision has forged strong relationships with all the major carriers.

Carrier Funding Models

The market for carrier (WSP) funding is changing and has become more challenging, however opportunities do exist.

The deployment of cellular infrastructure for multiple WSPs with a joint or cooperative funding model is complex, and requires a thorough understanding of the technology, legal structure, contract requirements, WSP budget restrictions, WSP deployment protocol and standards.

Vision understands this complexity and the need to develop a strategic carrier plan around each project. Our approach and strategy is designed to meet the goals of all invested parties.


What is DAS?

A Distributed Antenna System is a network of antennas spread throughout a building and connected to a source module to provide expanded wireless service in any given area.

DAS solution technology ensures a massive signal boost without having to modify construction plans, risk code-compliance or cellular connectivity.

Gone are the days when employees are forced to wander the building in search of a cell signal.

A Reliable Solution that Performs

Vision’s team of professional designers, engineers, project managers and service/installation technicians are uniquely qualified to deliver a DAS solution that will ensure:

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced reception in office buildings, parking garages and airports
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • 24/7 connectivity
  • Secure, high-speed cellular access


Typical DAS Uses

Distributed Antenna Systems are perfect for challenging environments that require specialized wireless solutions.


Hospitals and healthcare personnel depend on reliable 24/7 wireless networks that deliver comprehensive coverage throughout the campus, from interior exam rooms and waiting rooms to support facilities.

Weak or inconsistent wireless signals may lead to a break down in vital communications, a drop in patient care levels, and reduced medical personnel performance levels. Ultimately, when efficiency suffers, the patient experience is adversely affected.

Corporate Offices and Campuses

Whether an office campus, a busy manufacturing facility or a high-rise building, robust and reliable wireless communications are critical to successful day-to-day operations.

As a trusted advisor to building owners, property managers, tenants and wireless carriers, Vision has the know-how to facilitate a reliable, made-to-measure, DAS solution.

Hotels, Stadiums and Arenas

Large public facilities are challenging environments for wireless communications. The design parameters are often required to support the high data volume of over 100,000 users in a single location.

A well-designed DAS solution can provide the required wireless coverage for large crowds that would normally overwhelm an otherwise adequate wireless deployment.


DAS is a perfect solution for government buildings where the extensive use of concrete and steel cause cell signal loss. 


Trusted Partner

As a trusted partner, Vision Technologies has successfully completed Active and Passive In-building Cellular and Public Safety DAS installations for an industry-wide spread of facilities ranging in size from 25,000 to over 1 million square feet.

Wireless network deployment can be complicated and requires careful planning. Based on the complexity of your network and the size of your facility, our engineers plan, design and implement the wireless solution that’s best for your organization.

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Distributed Antenna Systems solutions

Our approach & benefits

Vision Technologies provides complete in-building wireless coverage by enabling seamless access to all wireless data and voice services within corporate offices, universities, hospitals, airports, manufacturing, and government facilities. Our DAS solutions feature the industry’s leading converged wireless enterprise networks, providing high-quality and reliable coverage for wireless data, voice, converged voice and data, paging and two way radio. Optimizing patented technology for the transport of RF signals over fiber optics, our solutions utilize a broadband hybrid fiber/coax infrastructure to distribute voice and data services to mobile users throughout a building or campus. Radio Frequency (RF) signals from mobile networks are transported over the infrastructure to broadband antennas — providing robust, reliable and carrier-approved indoor coverage. 

Mercy building

Mercy Medical Center

In a method that saved costs and meet all client needs, Vision Technologies was able to install a distributed antenna system that covered the entire 688,000-square-foot Mercy Medical Center.

VA CCRC Martinsburg

Department of Veterans Affairs - CCRC

Distributed Antenna System Improves Wireless Coverage for Department of Veterans Affairs


The Wharf Hotel

Vision Technologies is Carr Hospitality’s exclusive technology design-build partner for the new Wharf Intercontinental Hotel

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