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Efficiently Control Your Facility and Streamline Your Security Process

Visitor tracking and reporting are frequently characterized by a lack of real-time system integration. Vision’s innovative visitor and lobby management systems track both the authorization and the movement of visitors, complementing existing access control systems. The result? A safer and more secure environment for both employees and visitors.

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Be it temporary badges for contractors or temporary employees, let us help you implement a visitor management system that allows you to control and record the duration of a visit, verify the identification of the visitor, easily maintain a centralized database of all who enter the building, and create instant roll call in the event of an emergency.

Find a solution that connects to a network with easy notifications of persons who should be denied access through real-time connection to criminal and sex offender databases.

Benefits of integrating new or existing video surveillance systems, turnstile entry systems and full access control systems:

  • Streamline visitor check-in and check-out

  • Capture detailed visitor information and duration of stay

  • Run reports on visitor data

  • Enhance your company image by dealing with visitors more professionally

  • Control access to your facilities

  • One-click emergency evacuation list accounts for people in the building

  • Emergency evacuation list can be automatically emailed

  • Portray a security-conscious image that makes employees and visitors feel safe

  • Customize the system to meet specific needs

Additional Visitor Management Solutions

  • Badge printing and sign-in/sign-out with one-click

  • Network buildings, corporate campuses and multiple sites

  • Scan driver’s licenses

  • Customized reports

  • Record archiving

  • Design custom badges

  • Record protection for confidential logs

  • Link to existing directories

  • Pre-register individuals or groups

  • Capture photos and signatures to print on badges

  • Issue parking garage or gate passes

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We have over two decades of experience helping thousands of customers become more efficient, connected, collaborative, and safe. Our experts can help guide you to the right solution for your building:

  1. Schedule an appointment with one of our solutions architects
  2. Reach a comprehensive mutual understanding of your technology objectives and challenges
  3. Develop a plan with a customized solution set
  4. Execute a plan that helps you overcome your technology challenges