data center security

Data Center Security

Have you experienced

  • Problems with badging employees, contractors, and visitors?

  • Outdated visitor management systems?

  • Excessive system downtime?

  • Trouble with security personnel missing critical events because they are not presented in a timely, prioritized manner?

  • Lack of knowledge & limited options offered by your current security partner?

Whether your facility is a Tier 1 location with minimal protection required or a Level IV facility with zero single points of failure tolerated, Vision’s team of dedicated Solutions Architects, Project Managers, and Certified Installers can work with your personnel to design and implement the security solution that is right for you. We work with the largest names in the security and data center environments on a daily basis, and we extend our guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction to every organization who partners with us.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Effective data center protection utilizes a “zero trust” approach to assure that multiple checks are in place to authenticate the identity of employees, vendors, and visitors. Utilizing more than one of the three factors — what you have, what you know, and what you are — ensures that no one will be simply “waved-through” by security if they are missing one form of authentication. Badges, biometrics, and codes can all be used in combination to achieve this goal.

Video Surveillance:

One of the most effective tools utilized in all layers of the security plan is video surveillance. A combination of software and intelligent camera hardware utilizing not only live video but advanced analytics such as facial recognition, vectored motion, line crossing, object removed/left behind detection, tailgating detection, people counting, and more are an important part of any data center security plan. Vision Technologies offers a wide array of intelligent analytics combined with powerful camera technology to provide real situational awareness — not just a video stream — to security personnel.

Cabinet Level Security:

Vision Technologies offers unique solutions for managing access to your cabinet, cage, or aisle doors that can be standalone or fully integrated into the overall security solution. This can be accomplished utilizing single or multi-factor authentication, and requirements for multiple user groups such as security and maintenance personnel to be present for entry to be granted.

24x7x365 Protection:

While on-site, security personnel are an integral part of the planned security system; they are also one of the most expensive assets. The need for on-site guards can be reduced or supplemented by utilizing Vision’s UL listed options for remote monitoring, virtual guard tours, and more. In addition, we offer managed services including automated health monitoring and service response to optimize uptime for your security systems.


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We have over two decades of experience helping thousands of customers become more efficient, connected, collaborative, and safe. Our experts can help guide you to the right solution for your building:

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