Exponential Change and Cyber Security

As the world moves to optimize the multiple networks that connect our lives, it becomes increasingly important to evaluate and adapt to the changing environment that we operate in. There is an...


Artificial Intelligence – Dream or Reality?

What comes to mind when you hear about Artificial Intelligence (AI)? For many, it is actor Will Smith battling against the machines in the movie adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot. In the...


5 Considerations Before Your Next AV Upgrade

When thinking about deploying or upgrading your videoconferencing, collaboration, or presentation technology, what are the most important factors to consider before you start your search for the...


XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service): What is that anyway?

If IT is not a core competency of your business, then XaaS is for you! What is XaaS?

It’s Anything-as-a-Service. Why own depreciating assets when you don’t have to? Let’s face it, if...


Ownership Makes Us Different

Several years back, I was fortunate to run one of our business units that delivered solutions around the country for our customers. Many amazing things were accomplished by a team of project...

Video Surveilliance_Public

For Video Surveillance, the Future Is Now!

In 1939, George Orwell predicted a future where society was under constant surveillance in his classic tale ‘1984’. Although he may have been wrong about the dates, surveillance has become a...


Quality: Bolted On or Built In?

The work at Vision Technologies is driven by the six guiding principles of its corporate culture. Taken together, these principles allow the company to achieve its goal of “delivering world-class...


Securing IoT Devices: Major Challenges for IoT Cybersecurity

In an age where IoT interaction in the workplace is more commonplace than not; securing the IoT devices that interconnect our content with the world has become a major challenge for most businesses....