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Network mobility encompasses the expert design, delivery, and maintenance of Wi-Fi, CBRS, Cellular DAS, Public Safety DAS solutions and more. Major trends, such as 5G, continue to shape and shift this market. Listen in to the final installment of our podcast as Rob Perrelli, Corning Director of Strategic Channels, sits down with Mike Foss, Vision Technologies Vice President of Mobility, and Will Ruffin, Vision Technologies National Account Executive. Together they discuss Vision’s evolution as an IP converged integrator focusing on Federal and enterprise spaces and the trends that shape them.

"The technology curve for DAS is similar to any other... Anyone that has a DAS that's 4-5 years old is probably going to find that they are not ready and capable to serve their customer' needs. The advice we can give to those clients is to be ready for future technologies. The only guarantee you're going to get that is a fiber deep infrastructure. We always pull enough fiber to the edge to have spares and those spares that be used for future technologies. Right now carriers are not putting in millimeter wave into enterprise office space. You're not going to have millimeter wave 5G bandwidth rich experience that you get in an Apple or Verizon store, in your office. It's just not cost effective, YET. But you want your infrastructure to be ready to support that."

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