The Impact of Technology & Trust: COVID-19 Remote Learning Lessons for Large School Districts

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How do you keep the fourth largest school district in the US running during COVID-19?

Clark County School District (CCSD) in Nevada is the fourth largest school district in the US. The District encompasses a quantity of 376 public K-12 schools and approximately 20 administrative locations – maintaining its own police department and television broadcast station within the geographic boundaries of Clark County, Nevada. CCSD has over 325,000 students and 40,000 administrative and faculty members.

Now picture that many students and faculty members needing to implement remote learning during COVID-19.

For years now CCSD has partnered with Vision Technologies to seamlessly transition its technology service and support responsibilities to our Professional Services group. The pandemic proved no different as school districts across the country were left scrambling to enable a virtual remote learning environment. So, how do you keep this 4th largest school district in the US running during COVID-19? You lean into trust and leverage partnerships in order to pivot for rapid technology results.

Remote Learning

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Vision Technologies is currently contracted by the Network Services department at CCSD. Although the Vision staff at CCSD are only contracted to complete network specific tasks, as a trusted partner we took ownership of several services related to enabling remote learning for students.

120,000 Chromebooks

End user devices at CCSD are managed by User Support Services (USS), not typically the Vision staff in the Network Services department. However, when 120,000 Chromebooks began arriving, CCSD realized they needed help with the delivery and processing of such a large volume of technology equipment. Vision staff reached out to the support services staff to offer assistance. During this initial surge, the Network Services warehouse was converted into an assembly line with four Vision staff, resulting in the processing of 40% of the incoming Chromebooks. Critical remote learning technology was able to be dispersed to everyone in need. 

Connectivity for Low-income Families & 20,000 Hotspots

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Approximately 20 percent of the students at CCSD do not have access to the internet due to cost or displacement. CCSD, and specifically the Network Services department, was challenged with providing this access in order to implement distance learning. CCSD engaged multiple vendors to obtain over 20,000 hotspots. Vision Technologies was immediately identified as the team to take ownership and administer several aspects of the program, including receiving, distribution, tracking, and repair. Over the last 20 months, Vision worked alongside the dedicated CCSD staff to help develop and execute this critical mission.

Customers For Life

The ability to pivot and adapt are qualities we have in common with our customers. As our customers work tirelessly to adjust to new demands and critical missions, the Vision team brings the experience and fortitude to help make sure our customer succeeds. If our customers succeed, we succeed. That’s why we have customers for life.

Are you facing similar challenges? Confronting widespread technology upgrades this year in order to keep up with hybrid demands? 

Contact a solutions expert to talk through your ideas and challenges and learn how you can position yourself for success in 2022. We’re always here to help. The Vision Technologies team stands ready to take on any seemingly insurmountable challenge with you. This large-scale CCSD remote learning implementation is just one of the many projects we’ve been involved in for public and private clients over the past two decades.

Timothy Arndt
Professional Services