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Work from Home, Return to Work, or Work from Anywhere

A New Work Environment for Collaboration

When the pandemic started a year ago, many of us shifted overnight from working in an office to working from home (WFH). Everyone had to adjust, and we...


Help Your Employees Get the Most from Their Home Internet Service

Over the past several months, one of the biggest challenges for everyone has been working from home. It is both interesting and endearing to watch people struggle to maintain their professional...


Do You Need to Worry About Section 508 Compliance?

The pandemic of 2020 has more of us working online and from home. It has also brought our children’s schooling from the school building into the home. With more and more information online, the...

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First Step in Cyber Defense: Find All Your Systems

You can’t protect something unless you know it’s there.

Here’s a puzzle for you: If your antivirus tool lists 100 computers, and your patching system lists 100 computers, and your Microsoft...

Information Security

Information Security: Do Your Systems Serve You or Your Adversaries?

We have read the news stories: an attacker gains access to a networked system at some company or hospital or government agency. The system owner has lost control. That system now serves the...

Face Detection

Staying Open Responsibly in the New Normal

Whether it is screening body temperatures, assuring the use of face masks, or maintaining social distancing, there are several factors involved in running a business, a job site, or even a place...


Seamlessly Monitor and Manage Your Critical Infrastructure ... Anywhere!

We have repeatedly heard that “these are unprecedented times,” and as it relates to staring down a global pandemic, that description seems appropriate. What is not unprecedented, however, are...


Continuity of Operations: New Considerations

Historically, a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) has relied on small alternate work sites, such as an alternate operations center or command center. Our primary offices do not work as well as...