Smart Building Power Hour With Corning

Smart Building Power Hour

March 30, 2022

Smart buildings are popping up everywhere – but what makes them smart, and how are they getting smarter? Learn more about how you can set your office building up for success in this upcoming webinar with Corning. You’ll hear industry leaders discuss their own smart buildings and share the benefits gained and lessons learned from deploying advanced fiber-to-the-edge network infrastructures.

Whether you’re interested in supporting future technologies, 5G, or more connected devices coming online, don’t miss this webinar series! 

Vision Technologies Vice President of Mobility Mike Foss will join Ilan Zachar of Carr Properties and Brian Davis of Corning to cover topics like:

  • What are the driving factors for Wireless First decisions?
  • What is changing as we design Wireless First buildings?
  • How are some lessons learned when implementing Wireless First designs?
  • What benefits have customers seen from Wireless First smart buildings?

*Each virtual, live event attendance will earn you one BICSI Continuing Education Credit.