Facing Connectivity and Bandwidth Challenges During COVID-19?

As the challenges of the COVID-19 virus continue to impact business continuity daily, one area that has been hardest hit is network connectivity and bandwidth. As we to try to collaborate, work from home, and keep online learning going, we stretch the potential of our home networks. In most instances, we tap back into the cloud, as well as the relevant service providers that connect our signal on both sides of the transmission. Throughout the past weeks and during the months ahead, the Vision team stands ready to support you with all your critical infrastructure needs. Whether it’s additional network or storage capacity, critical infrastructure will be a key driver in our ability to stay productive and connected.

Testing the Limits in Healthcare

One example where the critical nature of infrastructure will be put to the test is in our healthcare system. As our healthcare professionals are on the front lines of this war against a silent enemy, we will need to make sure they are provided with the relevant tools to be successful. These tools not only include all the personal protection equipment (PPE), such as relevant masks, shields, gloves and gowns, but also the collaborative tools needed in research, testing and information sharing. As additional temporary medical facilities come online, ensuring that the relevant network and connectivity requirements are met will be mission critical.

We're Here for You

The Vision ITS team supports the critical infrastructure for our direct work; however, we also support all the infrastructure requirements for our sister business units – Audio Visual, Security and Wireless solutions. The combination and convergence of these systems and technologies interplay in our connected world. As we move forward with what seems to be the temporary new normal, we will continue to rely on all these systems to stay connected and productive in the fight ahead of us.

Vision stands ready to plug in and support your connectivity requirements. I hope you all stay safe and healthy in these trying times and I wish you all the best as we move forward together.

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