COVID Relief: Preparing Your Network

All of us have been affected by the pandemic in some way. Many facilities have been forced to find alternative means to continue operating during these difficult times. Although adaptation to working remotely has been accepted as the new normal, most businesses will still require face-to-face interaction and cooperative environments. Networking enhancements, cybersecurity, and enhanced connectivity are at the forefront of concerns as students, employees, customers, and guests return.

Vision Technologies has been fortunate to continue to operate seamlessly through every change in our business environment. Implementing Return to Work policies and tools have enabled our diverse workforce to keep working safely and effectively. Our Screening Protection and Tracing (SPT) Solutions were implemented early into the pandemic. This enabled our staff to enter our building in a phased approach ensuring the proper use of masks, temperature checks, and contact tracing procedures were being followed. This allowed Vision to continue to operate all facets of our business, making required adjustments for both onsite staff and remote employees.

Other organizations have not been as fortunate. In many cases, their networks have not been updated to allow for both on-premise workers and remote accommodations for those that cannot yet return. This has been caused by several factors that have severely impacted budgets and keeping operations up and running. Through several government initiatives and bills, COVID relief has been expanded to assist entities with multiple aspects of dealing with the transition back to normal.

There are billions of dollars set aside for infrastructure and COVID relief to businesses and schools as they return. Vision has partnered with multiple entities to assist companies and schools to obtain the required funding through grants and funding initiatives. These funds can be used for a multitude of needs. The combination of Infrastructure funding and COVID relief will help facilities expand their networks and connectivity to be better equipped for the changes in how we connect. Entities will need to address the increase of bandwidth consumption, remote access, as well as additional cybersecurity risks associated with the changes in our environment.

Whether dealing with automated remote access to assist remote employees while working remotely, enhancing the network to deal with additional bandwidth demands, or simply upgrading the Wi-Fi connectivity for people that are returning, Vision Technologies can assist in all aspects – including how to secure funding for the upgrades/updates.

Vision’s expertise in high-density indoor/outdoor networking solutions can help your network meet capacity challenges in a cost-effective manner. Due to the pandemic, Wi-Fi connectivity is now demanded in places that it was not needed before. Vision’s Wi-Fi solutions provide secure, reliable, and economical access in the toughest indoor and outdoor environments.

Addressing network scalability will make it easy to grow your network at every level, from the AP to your core switching, while offering a cloud-managed solution that supports a wide range of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) APs and switches to meet the most demanding requirements.

Vision’s commitment to our customers and the community through initiatives like our Wireless Rapid Deployment Unit, our Remote Access Point Solutions (RAP), as well as our agnostic approach supporting all the major manufacturers, delivers safe, reliable high-speed Wi-Fi and wireless providing ad hoc connectivity in a range of environments.

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