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GSA Connections II

Contract Number: GS00Q12NSD0011

Contractor DUNS Number: 01-763-1941

Connections II provides telecommunications infrastructure solutions and support for federal buildings and campuses, including telecom equipment, support services, and customized solutions. The contract offers solutions that allow agencies to obtain and maintain connectivity from a user's desktop to the point of interconnection with the agencies' network service provider(s).

Under the Connections II contract, Vision Technologies, Inc. can provide telecom products and services to GSA customers throughout the U.S. The contract gives Federal Government agencies a vehicle for simplified acquisitions. Vision Technologies, Inc. is one of nine small businesses holding a Connections II contract.

Contract Pricing

Our Connections II Contract

Contact information

Support: 1 (800) 426-4484, [email protected]

Sales: Tom Cuneo - (540) 454-6929 - [email protected]

Program Manager: Demian Seeley, (410) 691-3122, [email protected]

Contract Administrator: Brian O'Donoghue, (703) 439-1486, [email protected]


GSA Schedule 70

IT Services

Vision Technologies (Vision) has been awarded GSA Schedule 70 Professional IT Services number GS-35F-0581R, offering a full range of experienced professional staff augmentation personnel. These certified engineers, project managers, and technicians cross train in multiple technology disciplines and constantly hone their skills. Vision proudly teams with every major manufacturer, enabling a one-stop shop for your network infrastructure and integration requirements.

Through the GSA contract vehicle, federal customers can procure the products and related services they want, when they want them, without the need for dealing with traditional procurement delays. GSA is available for use by all federal agencies, as well as state and local government entities. GSA has streamlined the process to more closely resemble the commercial marketplace, offering procurement assistance, expedited processing and competitive fees. There is no fee for using the GSA Schedule, if you are a federal customer.

Contract Pricing

Contact Information

GSA Customer Support Team: (540) 454-6929


GSA Schedule 84

Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, and Emergency/Disaster Response

This Schedule can provide equipment and services for personal, vehicular, or facility applications for law enforcement protection, prevention, apprehension, or investigation needs. GSA has facility management systems for security and energy management functions. Services such as professional security, facility management and guard services are also located in this Schedule. GSA Schedule 84, unlike other schedules, is open to state and local government, in addition to federal agencies.

Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) and FIPS 201 APL

GSA Schedule 84 works to provide Physical Access Control System (PACS) solutions to its customers since the Homeland Security Presidential Directive went into effect. Vision has years of experience offering approved security products and services that not only update identity credentials of employees, contractors, and visitors, but also improve upon the physical security of and access to federally controlled facilities. Utilizing Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) standards permit only the right individual access to the right resource, at the right time, for the right reason.

For more information, see www.gsa.gov/firesecurity

Contract Pricing

Contact Information

GSA Customer Support Team: (540) 454-6929