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Touchless Reader

Case Study: Screening, Protection & Tracing in Government (PA County)

Vision Technologies, Inc. proposed a safety solution to a county in Pennsylvania for protecting their employees and the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vision’s Screening, Protection &...

Healthcare Security Experts

Asset Tracking for Healthcare

Identify, Locate and Track patients, guests, staff, and medical devices throughout your healthcare facility and campus

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Capabilities Statement

Vision Technologies, a systems integrator with global experience, delivers converged IT services and solutions. This two-page snapshot of Vision's core competencies lists our Design, Build,...

Security Data Sheet

Vision Technologies specializes in the design, installation and support for security technologies that are migrating to IP-networked services, and competing for network bandwidth. Vision’s...

Passive Optical Networks: All-Fiber Network Reduces Total Lifecycle Costs

A Passive Optical Network (PON) is an innovative fiber-based solution for enterprise local area networks. This solution greatly simplifies enterprise network deployment, operation, and management...

RTLS Runner

Case Study: Asset Tracking and RTLS

Vision Technologies worked in partnership with Centrak Elpas to develop a secure asset tracking system for a research and development client within the US government.