Vision President Kevin Nolan Featured As Guest on 5G Talent Talk Podcast

5G Talent Talk Vision Guest Kevin Nolan

Cultivating a Growth Mindset to Make a Vision Reality With Kevin Nolan

Vision Technologies' President Kevin Nolan recently joined 5G Talent Talk Podcast host Carrie Charles to talk about the guidance necessary for an organization to thrive, and the style of operating with a growth mindset with a drive to achieve goals. The successes of Vision can be attributed to direction from leadership and the commitment to fostering an effective work culture.

“In the service industry, if you do not have happy, invested, well-trained teammates, then you do not have a shot at providing good customer service. When you think about culture, it is making investments in our teammates, growing our company, not for the sake of growth, but growth creates opportunity. What we try to do is be a growth company so we can create jobs and we can build careers. We are making massive investments in our people. It is everything from investments in HR, recruiting and staffing to Vision University.

We launched our first Vision Leadership Academy, which is specifically focused on investing in future leaders to develop a performance system. There is lots of technical training in our organization and career pathing. What we are trying to do here is create an environment where you can join Vision and you will spend the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years here. Why would you want to? It is a great environment.

I sound a little prejudiced in that statement, but it is true. We have people that have been with us, even in John [Shetrone]’s previous company, for many years. We have an environment where people like working with each other and like serving our customers, but more importantly, it is a place where you can build your career. Whatever you want to achieve personally, professionally or economically, you could do it here. You do not have to jump companies to get where you want to go.”

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