The Wharf Hotel

Vision Technologies is Carr Hospitality’s exclusive technology design-build partner for the new Wharf Intercontinental Hotel located within the new Wharf Waterfront Development in the heart of Washington, DC.

Over the past year Vision has worked with Carr Hospitality’s architect, general contractor, brand management, electrical consultant, and other team members to develop a technology design that fits the aesthetic, functionality, and financial goals for this 278 room flagship hotel. Vision’s design-build services included for Carr Hospitality are network infrastructure, wireless network system, security system, telephone system, audio visual systems, and a distributed antenna system. All systems were designed to be flexible, adaptable, and expandable to help ensure the systems were designed for current and future requirements. Vision’s Integrated Technology Delivery (ITD) approach has helped realize efficiencies not only in management and installation labor but also in system design utilizing common platforms and transport systems. 

Vision designed all of the systems utilizing a common backbone and transport system. Doing so helped minimize labor requirements, complex wiring schematics, and project management needs while standardizing on pathways and facilities requirements. Standardizing on facilities requirements helps fast track installation for other trades while allowing the end user to take additional time taking part in the design process of how the systems will ultimately operate. Fast tracking installation around a common set of facility requirements is one way Vision’s Integrated Technology Delivery methodology helps ensure the end user has a clearly defined set of expectations and a clearly defined path to reach them. Grouping this design time with the installation ensures the end product meets the intention of design.

The Wharf Intercontinental Hotel Washington DC will be one of Carr Hospitality’s premier properties. The 275+ room hotel with 18,000 square feet of meeting space, a 5,000 square foot spa, and a 5,000 square foot rooftop restaurant will be known for its world class luxury. Designing all of the technology systems so that they work together for a flawless customer experience was of the utmost importance to Carr Hospitality. Vision’s Integrated Technology Delivery methodology focuses on what is common between the systems and designs to take advantage of those similarities. Designing a system that isn’t integrated and fit for future needs simply was not an option.

Utilizing Vision’s Integrated Technology Delivery methodology not only helped Carr to fast track construction but utilizing labor efficiencies, using common transport systems, utilizing common backbone and infrastructure, and centralizing project management leads to a lower total cost of ownership. Furthermore, with the design and build held under a singular contract, Vision takes complete control of the project resulting in the elimination of change orders. 

Vision’s partnership with Carr Hospitalities continues through the construction phase of the project. Vision’s involvement in prototyping and mock ups helps eliminate the need to revisit the design saving on costly delays. ITD has not only become a staple of Carr’s technology needs for the Wharf Intercontinental Hotel but has created such a successful partnership that Carr is already looking at how to utilize the benefits they are realizing with ITD for future projects in the years to come.

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