Smithsonian Institution

Designing and deploying a wireless system requires unique expertise. Expertise to ensure your infrastructure design includes the right mix of coverage, capacity, redundancy and security to deliver a QoS which optimizes the customer experience.Vision has tremendous depth and breadth in wireless. We’ve been designing and installing Cellular DAS, Public Safety DAS, and Wi-Fi for over a decade. We can handle your most challenging wireless projects, enabling you to achieve your business objectives. THe Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is an example of that capability.

Vision provided the Smithsonian with a state of the art wireless LAN (WLAN) capabililty for the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH). This project involved upgrading the existing WLAN at NMNH, and involved a number of pre-defined tasks. Vision prepared the RCP drawings, scheduling and performed the active site survey, prepared and implemented the access point placement plan developed all construction documents and implemented the upgrade.

The result was a fully functional modern wireless LAN that enabled all of the operational objectives that NMNH needed.