MOI Inc.

MOI partnered with Vision Technologies as their exclusive design-build partner for their technology systems. Instead of going through the typical request for proposal (RFP) process, MOI opted for a pre-negotiated, transparent open-book agreement due to Vision’s complete dedication to the customer-first mentality. MOI partnered with Vision for the design and build of their audio-visual systems, structured cabling and integration with their wireless systems for their new flagship Washington, DC office.




MOI made it clear from the start that this office was not just their new home but also a showroom for their products and services. Full coordination with the architect, owner, general contractor, and furniture installers would be needed to accomplish the type of integrated aesthetics they were looking for. Not only did everything need to work as one, it needed to look like every component, whether it was a monitor, access point, or office chair, was built specifically to work together.



The owner’s architectural team, Gensler, worked with Vision to design spaces and systems that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The design team’s goal was to make the technology invisible as well as complement to the space’s overall look and feel. Vision accomplished this goal by integrating all systems directly into the building’s infrastructure and MOI’s furniture.

The structured cabling was designed and installed to complement the modularity of different manufacturer’s furniture within each section. This involved a high level of coordination from the furniture and network design teams. In order for MOI to be able to change products, a different bezel was needed in each section. All audio visual systems throughout the space were designed to integrate directly with the client’s furniture. This included some industry firsts. Vision helped install a DIRTT wall system featuring one of the few back-to-back 55” high-definition monitors within a wall behind glass. This concept helped free-up space within the small huddle rooms creating a clean, bezel-less design.

All audio visual components for this space were designed with a small form factor in mind; thus, allowing 100% of the AV equipment to be mounted within the wall using an innovative, heat dissipation system.

Within the board room, Vision worked with Gensler to ensure a large 90” monitor was mounted in a gray, fabric wall to complement the monitor. Furthermore, the table was precut utilizing Vision’s drawings so all connections, microphones, and touch panels could be mounted directly within the table. This design allowed for all audio visual components to remain out of the way when not in use eliminating any cables visible on top of the table. The system included a 10” touch panel that would flip up from a flush position when needed. The end product is a table that shows the possibility of marrying functionality and aesthetics within a board room.

The final feature system within the space is a 55” interactive, touch-screen monitor within the library. Up until this time, MOI would flip through hundreds of product catalogues to help direct their customer’s product selection. Following the build out of this new office, Vision’s system allows users to browse all product catalogues utilizing their fingertips and select only the pages needed for printing. This has not only made the product selection process faster but has also made the process more collaborative and inviting.

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