VA CCRC Martinsburg

Department of Veterans Affairs - CCRC

Poor in-building cellular coverage is a challenge for many medium and large scale facilities. In order to maximize operational efficiency and employee effectiveness, customers rely on Vision Technologies. The Department of Veterans Affairs forged a relationship with Vision to solve a real operational challenge: adequate cellular coverage in its critical facilities. Because of our successful relationship, we partnered with the VA to deploy three Distributed Antenna Systems at three large VA facilities.  

Vision architected and installed a Corning/MobileAccess 2000 in-building cellular system at the Veterans Administration’s Capital Region Readiness Center (CRRC) in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The installation was performed on several floors, covered 65,000 square feet of user space and included an optical fiber backbone and coaxial antenna subsystem.  

The Vision architected system provided coverage throughout the entire CRRC facility, enabling seamless access to wireless 3G voice-and-data services from the four (4) major Wireless Service Providers (WSPs): AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile. It is also scalable to support 4G services from the wireless service providers (WSP) in a modular fashion.  These increased operational capabilities enabled the CRRC to save tax dollars and better provide  services for America's veterans.  

Services, such as 4G, can be added to this architecture on a per-WSP basis, as well as in targeted sections within the facility. Importantly, Vision’s solution met the stringent requirements of each WSP to ensure the provided system could be activated at the date required by the VA.