Cleveland Municipal School District

Vision Technologies has a long, successful history providing IT solutions for educational institutions. The expertise of our in-house engineers and technicians meet customer needs in any campus facility.Vision designs, installs, and maintains systems while providing support through the entire project lifecycle. By leveraging our expert professional services, we accelerate the project, saving time and money. The Cleveland Municipal School District is an example of those capabilities.

The Cleveland Municipal School District is a case where Vision’s proved its ability to rapidly respond to a rapid deployment operational need.  Over a 97-day period, Vision performed a complete wireless network rollout.  This was accomplished during the summer break period, with no disruption to activities at the 77 schools receiving the network upgrade.  Over the course of the project, Vision installed, terminated, and tested over 3,500 new Category-6 UTP cables, installed and activated almost 3,800 Cisco wireless access points, and installed and activated 141 Cisco Catalyst PoE switches.