Clark County School District (CCSD)

Vision Technologies has a long, successful history providing IT solutions for educational institutions. The expertise of our in-house engineers and technicians meet customer needs in any campus facility. Vision designs, installs, and maintains systems while providing support through the entire project lifecycle. By leveraging our expert professional services, we accelerate the project, saving time and money. Clark County Schools is an example of those capabilities.

Clark County School District (CCSD) in Nevada is the fourth largest school district in the US. The District encompasses a quantity of 385 public K-12 schools and approximately 20 administrative locations – maintaining its own police department and television broadcast station within the geographic boundaries of Clark County, Nevada. CCSD has over 325,000 students and 40,000 administrative and facility members.

CCSD recognized our technical expertise and commitment to customer service and partnered with Vision Technologies to seamlessly transition its technology service and support responsibilities to our Professional Services group. Vision provides Enterprise Architecture, Network Operations, and IT Support Services to over 376 public K-12 schools and approximately 20 administrative locations. Vision provides full lifecycle design, engineering, implementation and sustainment support across the IT enterprise for all network related systems and services, to include wireless and other associated equipment. Vision also provides installation network construction services for newly constructed schools, and IT asset management services across all District facilities.

Vision and CCSD value a partnership approach that utilizes industry expertise from diverse pools of skills and backgrounds. Leveraging local, regional and national Vision resources has allowed the Vision CCSD contract team to rapidly show significant service-delivery improvements.