3M and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises

As an example of Vision Technologies Company Behind the Company (CBC) engagement and delivery model, since 2007 Vision provided 3M with comprehensive structured cable plant and wireless network survey, design and installation services at over 95 facilities across the United States; including South Dakota; Iowa, Texas; Wisconsin; California; Ohio; Alabama; North Carolina; Minnesota; Kentucky; Nebraska; and Juarez, Mexico.

The variety of technology services provided by Vision to 3M ranges from structured cable plant to wireless networking, and includes the entire life cycle of network solutions implementation, including project management, site survey, detailed design, procurement, installation, test & acceptance and documentation.

At the conclusion of the project, Vision provided 3M with a documentation package containing as-built backbone, closet and horizontal subsystem drawings.  The documentation package also contained full-page UTP and power-meter test reports for the terminated cabling, verifying that the installed media meets or exceeds all relevant industry and manufacturer guidelines.