Jackie Green

Director, Human Resources
Jackie Green Director Human Resources for Vision Technologies

Jackie is the Director of Human Resources, with 26+ years of experience in all aspects of human resources, the last 12 of those years with Vision Technologies. In addition, she serves as the Facility Security Officer (FSO), responsible for establishing and maintaining Visions facility clearance and the security clearances and requirements associated with it. She has notable experience in federal and state law compliance, employee relations, policy and cultural development, benefits administration, and employee wellness and safety. 

As a human resources professional, she knows that she carries with her the responsibility of impacting culture with her actions, and emulating the company’s core values and culture of customer service.  She leads the daily operations of human resources with passion and purpose, always striving to align human resource initiatives and best practices with corporate goals and values. 

She got into HR after being in education, because she has a passion for the company’s greatest asset – their people, and the role that they play in the business success.  She believes in people and their potential and works closely with management and employees to create a workplace where they can thrive, add value and be valued.