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GSA Connections II

GSA Connections II

Contract Number: GS00Q12NSD0011

Contractor DUNS Number: 01-763-1941

Connections II provides telecommunications infrastructure solutions and support for federal buildings and campuses, including telecom equipment, support services, and customized solutions. The contract offers solutions that allow agencies to obtain and maintain connectivity from a user's desktop to the point of interconnection with the agencies' network service provider(s).

Under the Connections II contract, Vision Technologies, Inc. can provide telecom products and services to GSA customers throughout the U.S. The contract gives Federal Government agencies a vehicle for simplified acquisitions. Vision Technologies, Inc. is one of nine small businesses holding a Connections II contract.

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Contact information

Support: 1 (800) 426-4484, TelService@visiontech.biz

Sales: Tom Cuneo - (540) 454-6929 - vticonnectionsii@visiontech.biz

Program Manager: Demian Seeley, (410) 691-3122, dseeley@visiontech.biz

Contract Administrator: Brian O'Donoghue, (703) 439-1486, bodonoghue@visiontech.biz